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About Us

A Letter from the Founder

As you know, children are enthralled by magic. I am committed to spreading the magic-and the smiles-farther and farther. To achieve this goal, I need to expand our network of wonderful magicians. Every performer who joins the Philip & Henry network helps us toward our goal, so we are indebted to each magical member. Every magician benefits

from this relationship as well. One magician may not have the resources to spread the magic-and the smiles that go with it-as far as he/she wishes. But a magician who is partnered with Philip & Henry can take advantage of our marketing budget-and of our deep respect for performers.

We build relationships with our team members, ensuring the lines of communication remain open for both parties. As a magician myself, I possess the perspectives of both a business owner and a performer. To open the door of communication, allow me to share more information about Philip & Henry Productions/Philip & Henry USA.

I will be direct with you. The cost of our magical venture is huge, and the business is a risky one. Booking professional, talented, reliable magicians is not always easy. Examples of challenges we face include:

  • The high cost of marketing and promotion. It's wonderful when our marketing campaigns succeed, but no one has a 100% success rate. When a campaign fails, we suffer huge losses.

  • Philip & Henry Productions Inc. is committed to paying our magicians, regardless of whether or not our clients pay for their shows.

  • All of our full-time staff is paid regularly, regardless of the number of shows we book.

  • Since our business centers on communicating between various parties, our monthly telephone bill is in the thousands.

  • Because we also communicate with clients and magicians by mail, a large amount is spent on mailing costs.

  • And the list goes on…

Of course, we feel the above challenges are part of the cost of doing business, so we happily embrace them.

Naturally, our magicians are indirectly affected by these challenges-but not in a negative way.

As a performer myself, (performing as a ventriloquist/magician for over 20 years), I understand how much time, energy and effort goes into each performance. Unfortunately, we have to pay magicians what the market will bear. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take what you can get, however. We rely on our magicians and want to make them as happy as possible. To that end, we give our magicians control over what amount to charge on any show. We give you the option of bidding whatever you think is fair to charge, and we will try our best to give the funds requested. As a business owner, I am aware of the time, expense, and effort involved in planning, scheduling and marketing your shows. Therefore, the magician who gives the most competitive rate and great service will receive more work than higher-priced magicians.

I truly believe that our partnership presents both of us with a magical win-win situation. I would be thrilled to book shows for you, thus supplementing your income, (and mine), and spreading the smiles around! In return I ask you to be flexible in quoting a wholesale price for your show.

Now that I've told you something about us, I hope you subscribe to our mailing list and contact us so that I may find out all about you and your magical abilities!

I truly respect your talent and value your professionalism. I look forward to celebrating our future successes!

Magically yours,

Philip Murad
Philip & Henry Productions Inc.