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After we have booked you for a show, we then email or fax a purchase order to you. Once you are booked, on this page, you are able to submit an invoice. Please submit only one purchase order at a time.

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Please note: It can take up to 10 business days to receive your check

Please click here if you have not received your check within 

10 business days.(DO NOT CALL)

Payment Policies and Procedures for receiving prompt, accurate payment:
Either FAX, E-MAIL, OR MAIL us your invoice for the show immediately after the show. Please send your invoice to Philip & Henry Productions, Inc. / Philip & Henry USA Inc., being sure to include all the information from the form above. When you include all the information, you will be assured fast, accurate payment.

Thank you for helping us build a timely, accurate payment system. We truly appreciate your hard work and respect your talent.

We look forward to sharing a mutually rewarding relationship with you. Together, we will make millions of people smile!